From Financial Literacy to Financial Intelligence

As seen the importance of financial-literacy the next step of financial literacy is financial intelligence. Let’s begin with understanding the term ‘Financial Intelligence’ in the light of Robert Kiyosaki.

Financial Intelligence is the synergy of accounting, investing, marketing, and law. It is simply having more options and how creative one is in solving financial problems

– Robert Kiyosaki

Let’s comprehend the four terms in a brief.

  • Accounting

It is ability to read numbers. Prominent skill to build the wealth. The more wealth you are responsible for, the more accuracy is required in tracking the same.

  • Investing

It is science of ‘wealth creating more wealth’. In other words, it is Money attracts the money. This includes the strategies and formulas that ensure that money works for money to create more money.

  • Understanding the Market

In order to understand the market, one need to understand the law of supply and demands. Required to know technical aspects of the market (emotion – driven), along with the fundamental aspects (economic factor).

  • The Law

Using the law to protect your wealth from getting away. Using the law, we can favor the advantages over the taxation and protection from any lawsuits.

Now, let’s discover the reason to gain financial intelligence.

  1. Gain the financial intelligence, so that you can have more options,
  2. To realize the prevailing time is golden time to make wealth, rather than to complain about not getting hike/promotions.
  3. To grab the prevailing opportunities that have potential to create generations’ wealth at a time.
  4. Because we want to be the kind of person, that creates our own luck.
  5. In order to generate wealth faster.
  6. Because we can participate in the fastest and biggest game in the world.
  7. We can be with people moving boldly forward & don’t won’t to be with those left behind!
  8. Because we don’t want to work under someone, all our life.
  9. To gain freedom over time and location.
  10. To travel at the places that pleases our heart and soul.
  11. The greater your financial intelligence, the easier it is to tell either a deal is good or not!
  12. The more you learn (on the subject), the more you can earn wealth, as we can gain experience and wisdom for the years.
  13. Can pay yourself first.

And this list might get longer with the time, but hope all these reasons make sense to our genius brain that why to gain the financial intelligence.

So, now we’ve drawn idea about financial intelligence, next step is to dive more in next step after gaining financial intelligence. Stay tuned to know it in the next article soon!

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