The Job: Necessity v/s Abundance

PART – [A] Job: A Necessity

After learning, how money works, the question might arise that is doing the job really a good option? Ideally, if you do it till your age limit hits the retirement than it might be the hardest choice to made. But let’s see at the job at glance.

Majority of our parents has done the job till their retirement and they expect the same from this generations. Little they ponder that with advancement of technologies, digitalization of various processes and fast mobility of any data, there remains little scope for a typical job. There is mass termination in many well-established organizations as well around the globe. Youngsters are haunting the job like they are patient searching for Oxygen.  

Well, this is not situation to panic for long. As this is also a wonderful time to begin the side hustle and fuel it. There was no easy way of making money ever anyone witnessed than prevailing time is! Today stands the tremendous opportunities in form of technologies, data, and your own skills that makes you quite handsome amount than you could ever have earned while serving the corporate.

No, don’t take the stand that Job is not feasible option. First of all, analyze the reasons for doing job. It could be paying for your bills, providing for your beloved ones and for your retirement. But all these responsibilities are always going to remain in your life! There is old cliché that says “Job is acronym for ‘Just Over Broke’!

“The Job is temporary solutions to the permanent problems.”

The early you realize it, early you could fix the wealth related issues. Majority of us fails to realize it, or are too afraid to take alternative moves even after realizing it, that we end up working for someone else throughout our life!

And if this was not enough, there is management theory that goes

“Workers work hard enough not to get fired, and owners pays just enough so that workers won’t quit”

Considering the current scenarios, the above lines strike very hard but hardness and harshness won’t change the reality.


Part – [B] Job – A way to Abundance

There stay completely reverse scenarios for the job too. Doing job is not always the bad option. It is especially not a bad options if you had already realized that job is short term solutions to long term problems.

Am not promoting to quit your job, if you quit your job without any alternative source of income, then it could be the dumbest decision ever. Just in case if job is your only source of income, then also you must know how money works.

Just try to milk your income by investing proportion of your income wisely. Within few years, you might have enough corpus that can meet at least half of your salary. Keep Investing and learning on Investing till you are confident that your regular expenses are easily paid off from the Investment Income. There shall be no hurry to quit the job just you heard some podcast or heard some motivational speaker blasting your career.

Nothing wrong with your 9 – 5 as long as it

  • Pays for all your expenses
  • Provides growth opportunities
  • Inspires you to be disciplined and Calm in toughest situations of the life.
  • Provide you for the secured retirement.
  • Earns you respect internally and externally.

Job only becomes the issues or sounds like scam if it fails to provide the above-mentioned requisites!

Stay tuned for more learning!

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